Monday, April 16, 2012

Creating Curly Updos and Hairstyles

Wearing your hair loose is great when you've got plenty of curls, but you'll want to be able to manage and control them so they stay in shape and don't turn into a frizz!
Curly UpdosCurly Updos
Creating Curly Updos
The easy solution to creating an updo for wavy hair is to go for the "messy" look. If you're looking for something rather more elegant and sophisticated you'll need to put in some planning and time to ensure that your hair is in good condition, ready to be styled. To make your hair in perfect condition go for regular haircuts, use conditioner twice a week and shampoo your hair every other day (every day tears away your hairs natural oils).
Curly UpdosCurly Updos
Curly hair updos are usually the simplest because having your hair curly is the best part of the style, so you needn't do more than pop the rest up in a messy bun or ponytail. Another way of putting up curly hair is experimenting with grips and clips in different positions. If you want something rather more formal however ask your hairstylist next time you go to have your haircut or have a good play with your hair the next time you have your friends round.
Curly UpdosCurly Updos
Making the Most of Your Hair with a Short Curly Style
Short or long layered hairstyles ....some advice on haircuts for thick or naturally curly hair:
If you want to accentuate your curls then try asking your stylist for a very layered look as this will leave your hair to have more bounce in it. If you want to tame your curly locks, ask your hairdresser to cut it with about one inch of layering and some framing around the face, this will add to the soft look that you naturally have with your curls. I would not recommend a fringe if your hair is very curly as this can be quite difficult to style every day.