Thursday, April 5, 2012

Emo Blonde Hairstyles

Emo hairstyles are one of the hottest looking hairstyles for girls and guys. These give a bold and distinctive look even when the same hairstyle is worn by two different people. An emo hairstyle is all about an individual style. With the features of emo hairstyles, you can have one to suit your face, instead of duplicating someone else's look. It will give you an extremely bold look, completely unique, so being confident is essential to carry the style well. Here are some of the funky emo hairstyles for girls with medium hair.
Emo HairstylesEmo Hairstyles for Girls with Medium Length Hair
Most of the emo haircuts consists of thick hair at the crown that tappers down into medium length, with thin and straight layers.
Emo HairstylesEmo Hairstyles for Girls with Medium Hair: Razor Cut
This is one of the basic emo hairstyles for girls with medium hair. This female emo haircut consists of uneven and often cascading layers. Layers are a basic characteristic of any emo hairstyle. The crown will have dense hair which will reduce as you come downwards. In medium emo hairstyles for girls ,the layers might cascade till the ears, and the further length of the hair will have straight layers falling on your shoulders. The layers are straight with sharp, defined edges. The layers are often cut uneven and styled in various angles according to the length of the haircut. Read more on emo haircuts for girls.
Emo HairstylesEmo Hairstyles for Girls with Medium Hair: Fringes
Fringes are a must of any of the emo hairstyles. In emo hairstyles for girls with medium hair, fringes can be up to forehead or till the cheeks. Long fringes must be in a tapering pattern. Most of the emo hairstyles have fringes or bangs falling on one eye. You can have equal length fringes, covering the entire forehead and falling slightly over both eyes. Fringes must also be flat ironed. These fringes make the style more funky. You can have shoulder length straight hair without layers, and have long fringes on one side to have a sleek emo hairstyle. Read more on short emo hairstyles.
Emo Hairstyles
Emo Hairstyles for Girls with Medium Hair: Colors
Hair color plays an important role in emo haircuts. These make up some of the best emo hairstyles. There are a lot of options while using colors that you can experiment with to get a unique hairstyle and the desired look. The most bold looking combination works best with emo hairstyles. You can add purple or blonde color to the fringes in black hair. Adding blue, black or red streaks to blonde hair is a very popular emo hairstyle. A certain section of the hair or the fringes can have vibrant red or orange streaks, to get the perfect emo hairstyle. For medium length hair, you can have the frosted tip look for the bottom 2 - 3 inches of hair, with a shade opposite to your natural hair. Complete black or blonde hairstyle is popular with fringes falling on forehead. Two-tone emo hairstyles are also opted by many which consist of two contrast hair colors. Read more on hair coloring ideas.