Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Long Straight Ponytails Hairstyle

Ponytail hairstyles are very popular ones and they suit any kind of hair. They can give a trendy look and at times can help you give that sophisticated look to your hair. Ponytails are highly versatile hairstyles. Ponytails which are tied high or low look very cool. Also, ponytail can suit women of any face cut. However, the style in which the pony is tied is very important because it must suit your face shape. There are many face shapes like round, oval, square, triangular and oblong. The facial features are vital for wearing ponytail. In short, ponytails are for everybody, but the way in which the hair are tied, varies according to the shape of the face and the facial features. African American women can have a variety of hairstyles like braids or waves. However, a ponytail for braided hair or wavy hair can look cool on a African American woman. Here are some of the ponytail hairstyles for African Americans. Read more on black hairstyles.
Ponytails For African AmericansPonytails for African Americans
The hairstyles for African American women are significantly different from the purely American hairstyles. There are various types of African American hairstyles like the weaves, braid hairstyles, corn rolls and what not! There is a lot of variety in the African American hairstyles, as they vary from the most comfortable ponytails to the trendy braids. Besides being beautiful and trendy, ponytail hairstyles are very convenient to make. Here are some of the ponytail hairstyles for African Americans discussed below. Read more on weave hairstyles for African American women.
Ponytail Hairstyles with BangsPonytail Hairstyles with Bangs
Bangs too are very versatile. Bangs at the center of the forehead look very cute. It is not necessary to place the bangs at the center of the forehead, you can keep them off-centered also. Off centered bangs look very exotic and sexy, and can make the ponytail look more trendy. While cutting bangs, cut them a bit longer than the desired length. This will avoid too short bangs which can spoil your hairstyle. Also, while cutting the side bangs keep in mind that they are longer than the front bangs. Ponytail hairstyles with bangs look cool on straight African American hair. Read more on African American hairstyles with bangs.
Sophisticated Ponytail HairstylesSophisticated Ponytail Hairstyles
If you want to tie a ponytail which looks more subtle and sophisticated, you have to tie your hair behind your neck. In such case, you can leave some side bangs if desired. You can keep the hair straight and just curl the ends to make them spiral curls with the help of curlers. Remember not to use rubber bands in your hair, as they damage the hair due to unnecessary breakage. Another sophisticated ponytail hairstyles for black women can be to tie the hair in a ponytail and plait them into individual plaits. After plaiting, you can tie a bun by pinning your plaited hair. Read more on African American natural hairstyles.
High Ponytail HairstylesHigh Ponytail Hairstyles
High ponytail hairstyles are cool for summer. They give a relaxed and sporty look with the corn curls of the African American women. Also, hair with braids and high tied ponytails look cool and sophisticated.