Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Miley Cyrus Hairstyles

How To Get Miley Cyrus Hair
The biggest asset of Miley Cyrus’ hair designs is that they're continuously terribly natural and female. Curly and wavy, however never trying messy, these hairstyles need some serious styling techniques.
Miley Cyrus HairstylesMiley Cyrus Hairstyles
The question of hair length
Miley keeps her hair long and unless you have got a minimum of shoulder length hair you won’t be ready to copy most of Miley’s hairstyles. the nice news is that Miley is using hair extensions and that they look terribly natural and healthy on her. therefore if you don’t wish to attend till your hair is long enough, you'll raise your hairdresser for extensions. The dangerous news is that this technique could be a bit dear and will be dispensed solely by skilled hairdresser.
Miley Cyrus HairstylesMiley Cyrus Hairstyles
Color or no color
Apart from darkening her hair from time to time, Miley looks to stay her natural hair color. however that’s not entirely true. If you watch her photos closely enough, you may notice that Miley hair has highlights in few completely different colours, that provide her hairstyle terribly lightweight, sun kissed look. to accumulate similar result, use 2 or 3 completely different hair dye colours. they must be terribly near your natural hair color, therefore solely tone or 2 brighter or darker. Apply it to tiny sections of your hair. this could be done by a hairdresser, otherwise you would possibly find yourself with strange trying stains on your hair.
Miley Cyrus HairstylesMiley Cyrus Hairstyles
Waves and curls
Miley likes to experiment with completely different sorts of curls and waves on her hair, however her most famous look comprises hair straight at the lowest and curly at the ends. after you are blow drying your hair use massive radial brush to comb your hair and build body. Take atiny low section of your hair, ranging from the rear, and curve the ends and mid-lengths below the comb. Blow-dry your hair ranging from the highest of the comb and then moving to the lowest. keep in mind to require solely tiny elements of your hair whenever, no wider than the diameter of your brush, otherwise your hair won’t curl up. For {the best|the simplest|the most resultive} effect use styling mousse before curling. When your hair is already dry, use curling iron. Again, begin from the rear. Wind tiny sections of hair round the iron, from the ends to the roots, and hold it like that for no more than ten seconds. Moving to the hair on the edges of your head, you don’t ought to curl it that a lot of – wrap tiny section round the iron till you reach the mid-lengths and heat it up for ten seconds.
Miley Cyrus HairstylesMiley Cyrus Hairstyles
Finishing touches
Miley hair is softly lifted round the crown of her head, therefore if you choose this result you may want atiny low comb to tease your hair from the ends to the roots. Use wax to stay the amount and emphasize the curves. you'll conjointly apply slightly portion of smoothing shine on the mid-lengths and ends of your hair, however not at the roots, because it can build your hair look serious and greasy. end styling with lacquer applied from an arm length distance. If you have got spherical face form you'll raise a part of your hair and pin it to the rear to scale back the curliness and volume around your cheeks.